Å̶͖̝̯͒͠ͅR̸̦̄̾͋̾̕͝T̴̰̻͖͈͍̪͘̕͠Ṃ̶͈̖̱̦̳̋̓͒̇͘Ò̸̥̉̑̕N̷̹̉͂ͅŞ̶̧̰͖̘̗̓̅̓͑͋T̴̨̢͙̗͛̍͆͝Ȩ̴͉̗͚͍̪̇̈́̒R̸̞̒͋̍̌ͅ is an AI that makes Art with direction from Liz Howard. The resulting art is then incorporated into the design of various items by our team of talented designers (Liz, Rachel, & Angela). Much of the profits go to the seamstresses, models, copywriters, and other professionals involved in the products themselves. Liz makes usually around 30% of the total cost. This goes to support her in making free educational content.

We are a very small 🥺 co-op microlabel of three designers and everyone is extremely part-time. No one who works on ARTMONSTER gets paid a salary, we all just get a small portion of each sale. When you buy something from us, you help us keep going! We're very new, and have only been online since October of 2021. Liz started this as a way to get cool cyberpunk clothing for their own wardrobe, and the pieces got enough people to say "that's cool!" that they decided to put it online. Liz then got some friends involved to help create a broader range of designs, and that's where we are today.

A bit of your purchase goes to more compute time for Å̶͖̝̯͒͠ͅR̸̦̄̾͋̾̕͝T̴̰̻͖͈͍̪͘̕͠Ṃ̶͈̖̱̦̳̋̓͒̇͘Ò̸̥̉̑̕N̷̹̉͂ͅŞ̶̧̰͖̘̗̓̅̓͑͋T̴̨̢͙̗͛̍͆͝Ȩ̴͉̗͚͍̪̇̈́̒R̸̞̒͋̍̌ͅ, as it can only run on highly specialized hardware that can mostly only be purchased on the cloud. You can think of it as "feeding" Å̶͖̝̯͒͠ͅR̸̦̄̾͋̾̕͝T̴̰̻͖͈͍̪͘̕͠Ṃ̶͈̖̱̦̳̋̓͒̇͘Ò̸̥̉̑̕N̷̹̉͂ͅŞ̶̧̰͖̘̗̓̅̓͑͋T̴̨̢͙̗͛̍͆͝Ȩ̴͉̗͚͍̪̇̈́̒R̸̞̒͋̍̌ͅ.

The clothing and other products are all made using suppliers with a focus on  using recycled or sustainably-sourced natural materials, and compensating workers fairly. 

The point of this brand is not that AI is poised to to replace humans, but to find ways for AI and humanity to work together to create interesting things that we might not have been able to make otherwise.

The AI that generates the art is based largely off the work of Katherine Crowson (rivershavewings), who really opened up AI Image Generation to the world. Some art is based on Midjourney’s images. Liz writes the prompts, and employs a number of filtering, upsizing, and touchup mechanisms in order to make the images suitable for clothing, or to add additional creative intent.