Made By Humans with Recycled Materials

Our products are hand-made by people in the US and Canada, using entirely recycled materials. The materials are mostly Nylon, Polyester, and other synthetic fabrics. This is largely because that's what art can be printed on, while natural materials are more difficult to find with custom printing services (with good conditions for workers.) If you know of a supplier that will custom-print art onto natural materials, please let us know!

We do have some select linen products, but printing on linen is very expensive (which is why our linen products are so expensive.)

But what about Microplastics?

Microplastics are a serious problem facing our oceans today. When you wash our synthetic fabrics, they can break down and release microplastics into your oceans. We highly suggest purchasing a washing-machine filter, and here is a list of excellent filters at different price levels. We've personally tested the Filtrol product which we have found to completely eliminate microplastics, allowing us to recapture our grey-water at home.