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Liz Howard is a computer science professor who can be found at - I do not do this as my full-time job, I am only doing it to fund my work as an educator, so it will take me or my assistant up to 48 hours to respond to your email.

The best email to contact us about your order, questions about products, or with custom order requests is: 

Liz's personal business email is lizthedeveloper (at) gmail but you will likely get a much faster response at so please email there. If you'd like to let me know something privately or you want to give feedback about customer service, feel free to email my personal business email.

I operate my business out of my home, and rather than mail me something please send me an email as I do not feel terribly comfortable posting my address on the contact us page, as that is the biggest target for hackers to find the addresses of businesses. If you do purchase something or subscribe to my newsletter, you'll receive my address in order to facilitate returns and to comply with unsubscribe requirements.