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Multiverse Identity Crystal

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Please do not purchase this item if you do not know what you are getting yourself into. Multiverse travel can be dangerous and has the potential to change who you are forever. You can also become lost in the multiverse if you lose this crystal, and while you may reach a place that is similar enough to home that you can fool yourself- your personal timeline will be forever altered. 

Even having visited this page, some percentage of you across the multiverse have already clicked the purchase button. Because of this infinitesimal chance that due to their actions, they leave their own universe and lose their multiverse crystal, ending up in your universe, you have already split off from the main body of you in the multiverse who never visited this page. You are already a minority, across infinity. Clicking the purchase button will put you in a tiny fraction of yourself, prone to wild swings of probability. Not all ends of this infinite slice of an infinity with a greater cardinality end well, end peacefully, end predictably. It is much safer not to click the button. I am trying to warn you.


Should you purchase this item, there are 4 gender variants you may choose from, Masculine, Feminine, Androgynous, and Extra. Extra costs more because it may come with metallic or glitter foil or something and that stuff is always Extra. Group crystals will receive a follow-up to get gender-codings for your group. If you get Extra, everyone in the group can have it Extra if they want.

Shipping is 10$ to North America and 15$ internationally.

Multiverse Identity Crystal
Genesis Crystal

A Multiverse Identity Crystal

The time and space coordinates of a nearby Rift in space and time

Gear for your journey

A visible change in who and what you are

an adventure for two
Genesis Dyad Crystal

Two Multiverse Identity Crystals

The time and space coordinates of a nearby Rift in space and time

Gear for your journey

Squad Package

A Multiverse Identity Crystal for each member of a squad of 4-6. Kids crystals will be swallow-proof and rugged, & they come with free replacements

The time and space coordinates of a Safe nearby Rift in space and time where other families with kids will be present

for the whole crew
Commander Crystal

4-8 Multiverse Identity Crystals AND one Commander Crystal, which displays maps and charts and will allow you to find and lead a party through a Rift yourself.

Gear for up to 8 people OR custom-designed costumes provided for two people for the entire Rift

A Commander's Tent is set up for you, all food and snacks provided, survival gear provided. The tent can host your entire party or just be yours.

If you're ready to host a traveler's party through a Rift, this package is ideal, as the number of details taken care of for you by the Foundation Infrastructure Team will ensure you have the brain space to actually chart the Rift space with your party.