The Wizard Cloak of Planeswalking [ claimed: Peter Nachubur ]
The Wizard Cloak of Planeswalking [ claimed: Peter Nachubur ]
The Wizard Cloak of Planeswalking [ claimed: Peter Nachubur ]

The Wizard Cloak of Planeswalking [ claimed: Peter Nachubur ]

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This cloak will allow you to move between realities. It does not allow you to change the past, so you'll have to continuallly make forward motion in time, but you *can* use it to shift into a new life at any time.

Please use caution when daydreaming in this cloak! We are not responsible for your navigation into strange alternate realities that as it turned out, you didn't really want to inhabit. Please use caution when entering new realities, as you may not understand the local customs. Please do not move into new realities that do not share a coherent past with your own, or you will find your very being disintegrating.

Machine wash like colors, medium heat max, hang dry. Fuzziness will return if you brush out the fleece with a fine brush, like a pet hair brush. 100% polyester, but for those with sensitive skin, I haven't seen this bother anyone.

This product is made on demand and production time is likely to vary with global supply chain functioning, plan on 3-6 weeks for delivery.


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Shoulder 17.3  18.3  19.3  20.3  21.3  22.2  23.2  24.2 
Sleeve 24.4  25.0  25.6  26.2  26.8  27.2  27.6  28.0 


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